The rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to be considered a burden that people have to get rid of. In case you can come up with some fun wedding ideas you could apply them to the rehearsal dinner as well, making everything a lot more interesting for the participants.

Pool party wedding ideas that are fun

In case you have a pool there is nothing easier than to host a pool party as the wedding rehearsal dinner. If you don’t have a private pool you could book one at a hotel or a public gym. First you should make sure that they can be booked for private parties. Also keep in mind when thinking about wedding ideas that are fun that the hotels and the gyms might not provide you with a lifeguard, so you will have to find one on your own, especially in case there are going to be a lot of children.

Fun Wedding IdeasA night out

There are numerous fun wedding ideas that include all of the guests, and one of them is to keep the rehearsal dinner at a bowling alley. You should book a few lanes for unlimited play for a few hours and create a night that the guests will never forget.

Even more, if there are a lot of people attending, you could book the entire alley for an affordable price.


When considering wedding ideas that are fun, you don’t have to think big. If you would like to have something intimate with the closest people to you, consider having a potluck at your home.

Ask the guests to bring their favorite dishes and also the recipe of the dish. Place a notebook at the entrance for the guests to write or to paste their recipes in. With the help of this type of the fun wedding ideas you will be able to get your hands on those secret family recipes.


Although this wedding idea that is fun may not be suitable for just any group of people, in case your guests are spirited, they might enjoy a night out. Maybe you can get a private room where you can enjoy food and everything that the arcade has to offer.

Something simple

Finding fun wedding ideas isn’t as complicated as it may seem at first. A BBQ held in the backyard can be as fun as anything else. Keep it simple through serving burgers and hot dogs, or a little more elegant with salmon filets and steak. You can also have a fire pit and enjoy the presence of the people you love as the sun goes down.


If you like the Asian culture you could have a dinner with an Asian theme as a wedding idea that is fun. Hire a chef to prepare traditional foods, get some decorations from Chinatown (including lanterns). Add orchids or lotus blossoms as the centerpieces, or just some origami that you have created in your spare time. You don’t have to think that big to find fun wedding ideas.



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