Going with the Easter theme on your special day; but are short of some interesting ideas?  What is a wedding day without some interesting and fun ideas to make the day complete? Well there are many Easter wedding ideas that can add what’s missing, from your wedding plans. They are fun, they are bright and they are sure to make your wedding day perfect. Read on to know the best possible Easter wedding ideas:

easter wedding ideas

  • Easter is the mark of the new wedding season. The weather has the perfect springy bloom and the sunny side to it. So one way to enhance the Easter theme and add elegance to your wedding is by going pastel. Pick out the combination of spring colors that you like the most for your wedding venue decorations; colors that represent Easter. So take your pick from pinks, lemons, lilacs or a range of such shades.
  • Is it only the wedding venue decoration that can scream Easter and spring? Definitely not! Pick out exciting sorbet colors to dress up your bridesmaids to add a lovely layer of colors to your party.
  • Go all out when it comes to flowers. Some of the best flowers are available in the spring Easter time and best colors too. So select an array of amazing flowers to add stars to the wedding decoration.
  • Make sure you use Eggs as a part of decoration. Decorate the trees and the venue of your wedding with egg hangings. Imagine the colorful and elegantly patterned adding the Easter decorative element to the wedding. So don’t be limited to flowers, they are important but they aren’t all that you can do. After all it’s an Easter wedding.
  • When it comes to party favors why not opt for eggs to be your fortune cookies. Yes, the idea is to put in very sleekly rolled messages into empty Easter egg shells. The guests can each crack their Easter fortune eggs to get their messages.
  • Another fun way of incorporating Easter into the wedding decoration is by using broken/ half egg shells as candle holders. Let them be a part of your table centre peace and add brightness to the day.
  • If not as candle holders, a basket full of Easter eggs can make the perfect centre piece in itself. Also a combination of both flowers and Easter eggs for example a jar of Easter eggs with equally colorful flowers atop is the perfect ides of centerpiece at an Easter wedding.


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