Home or garden based marquee weddings are incredibly popular today, which can make your special day picture perfect with a carefully planned venue and other details. The superbly creative and personal marquee wedding, gives you a lot of space to include your personal touch on everything. Nevertheless,it involves a lot of planning and designing to run the biggest show of a ‘marquee wedding’.

marquee wedding checklistListed below is a checklist to help you plan your marquee wedding:

Decide on the Venue

First and foremost, you need to decide on where you want to build the venue, whether it is the garden, farmhouse or vineyard, it requires careful planning and discussion with concerned people. While planning the main marquee, you should not leave other areas like the location for wedding ceremony and the area for reception party and drinks. It is better to have a covered venue in order to avoid climatic hazards.

Catering and Kitchen

Discuss with your catering team regarding their requirements in terms of kitchen space and utilities and allocate them a specific area, built along with the main marquee.


Proper lighting is indispensable to a marquee wedding as you have a blank space to lit up to create the right atmosphere for a wedding. Chandeliers and colored up-lighters combined with spot lights can add warmth and character to the party atmosphere.

Flower Arrangement

Careful decoration with the right kind of flowers can give elegance to your venue, while making it look gorgeous. It is important to consider the flooring and overall look of the venue, while arranging the flowers.

Parking and Pathways

It is significant to have enough parking space for the cars of your guests as well as some marked pathways to reach the various parts of the marquee. You can even mark the pathways by arranging beautiful lanterns by the side.


You need to check carefully the toilet options provided by the marquee company, as they might not be the ones you wish to have for your marquee wedding venue. Many companies have the option of fixing, posh temporary toilet blocks included in your main marquee structure.


It is key to have a strong generator to run the whole show, inclusive of kitchen requirements, DJ, band, lighting and sound. You need to ensure the generator is large enough to meet all the requirements with a proper back up as well.


You have to make an elaborate checklist for your furniture requirements in the main marquee, including the dining table, chairs, extra tables required for a host of other uses with the matching linen. Unlike ready-made venues, here you have to examine each and every aspect of the venue to ensure that your marquee venue is perfect.

With proper communication with your marquee company and the other suppliers, you can pull the strings together to have a successful marquee wedding.


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