If the traditional wedding sounds humdrum to you, you may want to consider having a theme wedding or something really whacky such as a fancy dress wedding, something that will make your big day special, memorable and also hugely entertaining!

If there is a subject that is really close to the couple’s heart – music, films, story book characters, you may want to consider those. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Elvis Presley theme where the groom (and/or minister and/or grooms men) can be Elvis and the bride can be Pricilla and so on.
  • Pirate wedding – for Pirates of the Caribbean fans this provides limitless opportunities for creativity and much hilarity.
  • If there is a film that the couple really likes or if it is significant for another reason such as a first date or similar, then the couple may consider a theme based on it – a Star trek theme or a Star Wars theme etc.
  • Charlie Chaplin theme – you can have the grooms men put on those little toothbrush moustaches or dress up in the outfits of the Modern Times era.
  • Fairy Story wedding – this one can combine your favorite fairy tale with a traditional wedding – making it interesting yet keeping it old fashioned.

Make it fun, make it memorable and above all make it special!



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