Seeing the engagement ring on her finger may put any woman into a breathless stage. So first the future bride needs to regain her composure and start on the journey she may have dreamed all her life: organizing the perfect dream wedding.

Even if the future bride has absolutely no idea about what she should do, the important thing is to take her time and the ideas will come to her like in a dream.

First thing is to get informed. Do not be in a hurry to buy or reserve anything without being previously informed about all the aspects of the problems, all the options that might be out there, how much they do cost and especially what should you stay away from.

Keep in mind that information is power and awareness is the treasure of a smart mind. That’s why it is better to delay the decision for a bit and get the things done right.

First get informed about the places you have set your mind on for the reception; make sure you have got the number of the right photographer and the flower shop you talked to is able to deliver on time.

It may happen to find on the same market the same products but at a very different cost, so it is better to ask a professional advice before you take the decision.

After you got the information, make the selection. Make it after you have consulted to your future half and after both of you have discussed the matter with parents, family and friends.

This will save you the unpleasant surprise to give up your decision in the favor of another brought up by some of your “all knowing” loved ones.

Get the feedback from your recently married friends, perhaps a supplier you chose because it advertised well is unreliable or perhaps the service you chose is more expensive than the one your friends had so if they can assist you in the details of selection, use their opinion.

Next step is organizing. Since this will take a while a bride should become an army captain. Pick up your bridesmaids and maid of honor and ask for their help.

You must be aware that women are generally into details and your girlfriends will be your trusted allies on the “battle field” of making your wedding a perfect day.

Let your creativity fly, get together with them and do not fear in flower arrangements and invitations. Ask them to help you with confirmations and wedding favors and your journey towards the day, you will be a beautiful bride can be a lot of fun if you know how to share it.

Of course you can save yourself a lot of trouble by simply employing professionals but not all brides can afford it and when the wedding is on a budget it is easier to ask the help of your friends than to do everything yourself.

So smile…the journey ahead will be an amazing experience every bride should have.



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