Going green isn’t just an issue for people that want to live sustainable; it is an issue that emphasizes any area of our lives. Therefore, the green brides should be satisfied with the best of the sustainable services on their wedding day.

First and most important is to seek environmental friendly serving services, but in case there is no such service, simply check well the serving details and choose the greenest etiquette on your table.

serving style 1

The wedding experts in this matter are advising to choose organic vendors and of course meals.

The sit-sown style meal is very proper for this matter. It is a traditional style of serving, but the difference is that the menu card and the entire buffet style will be sustainable and organic.

serving style 2

Eco serving doesn’t mean only the food will be organic, it means the entire table and the services will be eco-friendly. Try to choose anything you will need for your wedding menu with a green symbol on it.

Local services are also preferable, for they cut down the carbon emissions for transportation. Some brides are even choosing the menu cards and insist on products that can be recycled after usage.

As for the food, there are thousands of eco meals, but make sure your cook and your service provider will choose only sustainable products for your wedding table.



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