The best way to make any wedding a grand success is that you get your guests as involved in them as ever. Wedding programs are a wonderful way to get your friends and family follow the entire ceremony and understand the wedding tradition you are trying to incorporate. The key to creating an exciting wedding program is to be as creative and practical as ever. Here are some amazing wedding program ideas you can choose from:

DIY wedding programsKnot it with Ribbons

Tie your program together with a big bow. All you need to do is create a simplistic booklet with sparkled handmade paper. Write the names of the bride and groom in another piece of handmade that is of a lighter shade of the rest of the booklet. Then punch two holes along the fold of the booklet. Insert a pretty ribbon inside the holes and tie it in a bow on top of the booklet. Try to use thicker ribbons as these tend to create a dramatic effect on the bow.

Decorate with Buttons

Buttons are extremely cute and have an effect to portray the program to be crisp, cute and organized. Use buttons that are complementary to your color scheme. It is always better to use buttons of different color and size. Use a solid, stoic color for your program and then glue the buttons in a random pattern on one side of the program. Don’t spread them all over the front as it will look really messy and unorganized.

The Vintage Effect

Have a vintage effect stamps to give the whole program a retro vibe. You can create the stamps on your own my simply drawing a retro design on a stamp pad and use it to decorate the borders. Furthermore the text can also be in the retro font to give extra effect on the theme. Try to complement the text with the stamps as much as possible as this creates a magnificent old world effect.

The Lacy Program

Laces are pretty much the taste of weddings these days. With a pretty lace attached to your program, you can marvelously create the effect of dainty perfection for your event. Use the complementary shades of white lace over black card to give a more ethnic look. Spray the lace with adhesive and stick them on the folded sides of the card and trim the rest. Always select a lace with an interesting border to add more drama.


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