uninvited weding guestUninvited guests also known as ‘gate crashers’ will always try and be part of weddings illegally.

The reason why some wedding ceremonies restrict the number of people who come to the wedding is because they may be working on a budget that can not accommodate a large number of people, particularly when it comes to food.

Another common reason may be the choice of venue chosen. Some wedding venues limit the number of people because of its restricted resources.

Well, some couples may choose to limit the guests as some people go to weddings uninvited for various reasons, food being one of them. This results in invited guests having no or less food. Uninvited guests can really ruin a carefully planned budget wedding.

Set up a system by the entrance of your wedding so that only invited guests are invited. You can either get a checklist of all the invited guests and tick as a guest enters or each guest can produce an invitation card.

If it’s a relative only wedding then you can set up two guys from either side of the family who are familiar with the guest list to make sure anyone outside the family does not gain access.

Sometimes invited guests will bring a partner that the wedding planners are not aware of. It’s always wise to accommodate a person and his partner to avoid an awkward scenario where the other does not feel welcome or is asked to leave the ceremony.

Entry by invitation has always been a good way to keep gate crashers out, the only disadvantage is that it has no photograph so anyone could have obtained the invitation and if the bouncer does not know the members of the wedding he will just let them in unknowingly.

But the important thing is that he does not let in more people than he has to. However when dealing with uninvited guests, make sure there is extra food and places to sit to avoid any confusion and chaos when a few unexpected drop-ins happen to pass by.

Place settings are ideal for filtering out gate crashers as they will have no place to sit. They also help in setting up some order and a high degree of formality in the wedding. Place sitters also act as a checklist on who attended the wedding and who didn’t.

Uninvited guests are rarely seen at a function that is organized because they will easily stand out. It’s only when there is disorganization and chaos that they will fit in. So arrange your wedding in an orderly fashion.



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