In case you are planning your wedding and you want to add some personal accents to your wedding theme, here is the best you can do – personalized napkins.

The wedding napkins are usually made following the traditional wedding topic, but you can think out of the box and create personalized wedding napkins.

eyelet napkin rings

Here are some ideas about it. One beautiful example in this matter is the eyelet napkin rings. They are romantic and yet classy. The eyelet napkin rings are good for traditional weddings, but if you really want something different, go for the rubber stamp napkins.

rubber stamp napkins

They look like cocktail napkins, since they are colorful and different. You can choose pink napkins with white ornaments. Personalize them with some romantic lines of poetry or old song titles. You can always add your initials there. The rubber stamp napkins allow more freedom, so go for them if you are an untraditional bride.

napkin knot

For those of you that would like more glamor, go for the napkin knot. It is easy to set up and all you have to do it to tie a knot from the napkin. Add a thankful note into the fold and you will see an amazing wedding napkin. White and silver are the right colors in this case.



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