In case you don’t want to have the traditional wedding feeling, you might be looking for some cool wedding ideas. These could include both the ceremony and the reception. The biggest advantage of the unconventional brides is that they can have everything that they want without having to make any compromise.


You may not consider these as one of the wedding ideas that are cool, but you should know that you can do a lot with candles, especially with a lot of candles.

Cool Wedding IdeasGuests’ favors

When you are looking for wedding ideas that are cool, you should consider those that are out of the ordinary. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to think about expensive favors. As an example you could offer the guests temporary tattoos or personalized mirrors with the date or the logo of the wedding.

Other cool wedding ideas include offering the guests edible wedding party favors, like krispy kremes and the morning paper. Cookies could also be offered and you can personalize them with a photo of the newlyweds. In case you have the time, you could create some boxes and add to them black and white photos of the couple.


In order to give the guests a clue that you have been looking for wedding ideas that are cool and that you are going to use them, you should also think about out of the box wedding invitations. There are a lot of places where you can find some special invitations, but you could do them on your own as well.


When you are looking for cool wedding ideas most probably you don’t have in mind those lifeless pictures that are taken at the majority of the weddings. As an example you may go for the documentary style journalism. For sure you will find at least one photographer in your area.

Display boards

This may be one of the fun wedding ideas that are cool. Create display boards, on one side of them having photos of the groom from childhood till the present, the other side should have photos of the bride and in the middle there should be photos of the couple, such as engagement party photos.


In case there are going to be a lot of kids at the wedding, it might be a good idea to look for cool wedding ideas that also include them. You could have a table just for them with coloring books and markers. This way they wouldn’t get bored and the parents would have time to relax.

No rice

It is a tradition to throw rice when the couple leaves the church, but it is a better wedding idea that is cool to give the guests bells to ring when the couple is leaving.

You may see that there are numerous cool wedding ideas to use and you just have to select those that you really like and that you think would make your wedding more special than a simple and traditional wedding.



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