Chocolate FountainsThe favorite music, favorite food, a setting worth to be remembered and an original item to make the wedding unique …? The answer for most brides will be chocolate for most brides.

When thinking at the wonderful effect making a girl to feel wonderful, the chocolate can also be near that girl for her perfect wedding day.

Once the vows are said, the guests take place at their tables. At that time, to take their breath away, a centerpiece chocolate fountain as a wedding decoration will produce a remarkable reaction.

To fit the wedding atmosphere, different colors can be used such as pink, blue, or purple for the chocolate fountains. For those who may like the main color of the chocolate, simple dark or white chocolate is the right recipe.

To be in tone with the bride’s pure whiteness, the chocolate fountain can be also white to give a classy look to the tables.

For a small wedding, the idea of a chocolate fountain can be very appropriate. Also the timing is important. When to serve the fountain depends on the actual menu.

It can be a desert as the last bonus or the first sweet memorial opening to the ceremony. For the dipping, the bride and groom can choose from cookies, marshmallows or fresh fruit.

The fountains can be decorated with shapes of bride and groom, the shape of a heart or simply a smartly designed bowl. Different centerpieces can be chosen and shaped according to the couple’s desires.



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