wedding ideasDo you want to get married in the old mundane methods? Everyone thrives to add creativity to their wedding and try to see that their wedding ideas are unique.

As you are going to wed for the first time, you may not get proper idea in adding uniqueness to the wedding. With unique wedding ideas, you can transform the normal wedding ceremony into a creative or unique wedding.

Unique wedding ideas are not specially written or published some where for making the wedding interesting.

Unique wedding ideas are ideas which bring creativity to the wedding and make the normal wedding more interesting and unique.

In order to make your wedding unique, read on this article which is stacked up with different unique wedding ideas to help you in bringing uniqueness to the wedding ceremony. Unique wedding ideas are the ideas which add decorations to the normal wedding ceremony. These ideas will make the wedding and its accessories better.

Unique wedding ideas:

Write your own wedding vows: Normally the church gives you your wedding vows, but how about writing your own wedding vows? This is a unique wedding idea and if you write your own wedding vows, you can even impress your partner and bring a romantic feeling to the wedding atmosphere. If you are going to wed in a church, then see that the church allows your personal wedding vows.

Add variety to guest book: Every one uses the traditional paper guest book in front of their wedding ceremony entrance. Add some creativity and see that the guest book is different from the traditional one. You can make a canvas guest book and make a frame of the signatures of your guest books. This will be good keepsake of your wedding and make the guest book a special one.

You can even make one of your friends to stand at the entrance and see that every guest is clicked with an instant camera and the photos are signed by the guest with a message on it. You can stick these photos to the guest book and make the guest book more unique and personal possession of your wedding.

Cake: Wedding cake is the most important item of the wedding and can also be said as the centre piece of the wedding ceremony. With the normal tradition of cake arranging in the wedding, try different ideas such as arranging cup cakes or pastries. This setup will be very interesting and see that the arrangement is unique by adding some accessories to the cake. Piling of the cakes must be done properly on a cake stand and you can add tiers to the cake piling.

Include children in the wedding: When it comes to wedding ceremony, many make children busy in some games and keep them away from the wedding ceremony. Don’t do this; children can bring a bloom to your wedding ceremony. You can arrange a small dance program of the kids, this is a very good idea of flourishing smiles on every one’s faces.

Wedding favors: If you have included wedding favors in the wedding ceremony, you need to give a small gift to your guests who attended your wedding. Think differently; you give a small ticket to guest and ask them to pick the gift according to the number. You can even stack up the gifts in a small box and ask the guest to pick own gift with a blindfold.



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