Whether you want your wedding day to be special or mesmerizing is up to you and your budget.

But if you are allergic to flowers, there are many stylish alternatives for wedding bridal bouquets.

If you’ve decided not to have allergens flower bouquet on your wedding day, here are some stylish alternatives for wedding bouquet choices.

Herbal bouquet

If you give least preference to fragrance or cost and want something other than flowers, you can try the bouquet of green leaves or herbs. Fall leaves, winter berries, ferns, pussy willows and ivy are wonderful options for a beautiful wedding bouquet.

Artificial flowers

If your allergies are the main reason for avoiding flower bouquet on your wedding day, you can choose an artificial flower bouquet. Silk flowers, paper flowers or even porcelain flower bouquet will make your wedding day special and beautiful.

Unique bouquets

If you strictly want to avoid any kind of flower look, there are a few unique bouquets that you can select for your wedding. Some of those specific unique bouquets include ribbon bouquets, crystal bouquets, seashell bouquets, candy bouquets, feather bouquets and balloon bouquets.

You can go for any of these options according to your personal preference and theme of your wedding.

Other than bouquets, you can also carry rosaries, religious books, family heirlooms and candles as well, but handle it with care while walking down the aisle for your wedding.



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