Excited to be a bridesmaid? I would be too. Being a bridesmaid means playing a big part in one’s wedding. I will be honored.

Being a bridesmaid means having responsibilities in the preparations and on the wedding day itself aside from dancing and walking down the aisle.

There are thus basic duties that a bridesmaid should indulge in on the wedding day.

Don’t start getting worried about the intensity of the duties, they are simple and you can handle them with no doubt. You might actually enjoy them!

With the sound of the word duties, the first thing that comes in your mind are back breaking and time consuming duties that will make you extremely tired and not really enjoy the day. The duties actually give you an opportunity to play a big part to the success of the wedding which is what we all want at the end of the day.

The bride is the most delicate being on this occasion and guess who is by her side for support; the bridesmaid. When she needs some peaceful quiet time on her own you are the one who makes sure she gets this time with no one to disturb her.

You can act as the mother and make sure she gets all that she needs and what she must have before and on her way to the ceremony. She is the bridesmaid’s responsibility till she says “I do.”

Dressing the bride is also up to the bridesmaid. Come on, it’s her day treat her like it is. After all a maid’s main purpose is to assist. Make sure she gets that manicure and pedicure if she has not gotten them yet.

We all know the hustles and tussles associated with make-up and dressing as a bride. Bridesmaids are also responsible for the bride’s look and dressing.

Perfect is what you are all supposed to be looking when walking down the aisle at your best behavior, remember all eyes are on you, that is before the bride takes away all the attention. Enjoy those few minutes when the entire audience focuses on you, the feeling is good for as long as it lasts!

Believe it or not, as a bridesmaid you are supposed to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves, how hard can that be. Aside from making sure things are in place, keep the atmosphere joyful and cheerful.

Not only are you pleasing the bride and groom, you also will be having some fun. See, it is not so bad; it’s actually interesting and at the end of the day the only thing that will tire you is all the dancing you would have done.



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