Not every bride is a fan of real flowers. Some may like traditional type flower bouquets for her big day, while the other may like paper or dried flower bouquets. From soft feathers to beautiful ferns, there are plenty of options and alternatives that a bride may chose as her bridesmaid bouquet.

There are many alternatives which not only look gorgeous to carry but are also one of a kind. Given below is a list of few alternatives to bridesmaid bouquet that would perhaps last longer than those ephemeral flower bouquets.

alternatives to bridesmaid bouquets

1. Pine Cone Bouquet

If you are looking for some incredibly beautiful and cost efficient wedding bouquet, pine cone bouquets can prove to one of the best option. These look gorgeous because of their elegant and earthly look.

2. Paper Flower Bouquets

Many brides are in a notion that paper bouquets might look cheap or are poorer in quality as compared to the flower bouquets but there are some extremely beautiful paper bouquets that you would never believe were made of paper.

3. Cotton Ball Bouquets

These kinds of bouquets look very cute during the winter or outdoor weddings. These are highly cost efficient when compared to the floral bouquets.

4. Feather Bouquets

Since feather and ferns are greatly in fashion, feather bouquet is an excellent alternative to bridesmaid floral bouquets. These can be made and fixed in many different styles according to your choice and are available in many color options.

5. Dried Flower Bouquets

Dries flower bouquets are the one which will never die with time. When prepared with different colored dried flowers, these bouquets look very beautiful in the hand of a bride.

6. Fruit Bouquets

For that fruit lover bride, nothing will look as cuter as a fruit bouquet. Designed and crafted beautifully, fruit bouquets will give you a bright appearance.

7. Candy Bouquets

Since it’s your special day, why not go for something too sweet and juicy? Candy bouquets will look extremely colorful, bright and gorgeous on your wedding day.

8. Button Bouquets

Button bouquets for some are the most elegant bouquets to choose. These bouquets can be kept safe with you to cherish for the years ahead.

9. Jewel Bouquets

If you are looking for some princess style bouquet, go in for a jewel bouquet. Add some pearls and precious stone to your bouquet to make it a thing to remember always.

10. Pinwheel Bouquets

For the merrier and fun loving brides, a bouquet made of colorful mini pin wheels is a best option.


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