personalize weddingIf you want your wedding to have your name, and your name only splashed over it, then you better personalize it.

Do something that is less obvious in your décor, wedding cake and favors.

Write your own traditional or funny wedding vows. Do not search for someone else’s vows online or get any expert book that offers vows that you can say.

This is your wedding day and vows are supposed to be coming from the heart to your partner.

Don’t let your vows be a recital like you are reciting a poem. It’s not difficult writing wedding vows. A vow is a promise that you make to your partner as you embark on this journey to spend the rest of your lives together.

This is what brought you to this point in the first place, so say all that is hidden in the bottom of your heart to your wife-to be in front of your guests. You may get emotional, but that’s expected from you anyway. Even your guests may get emotional as time goes on.

Your invitations shouldn’t be the standard wedding invitations that you find in a wedding boutique. It should spell out your names out loud and bring out that special touch.

The wedding invitation cards are the first things that your guests are going to use to determine what kind of wedding its going to be. Is it going to be different and exciting or just the usual setup that is common across most weddings?

Your wedding color theme should be included in your card. Personalize your wedding invitation by adding a detailed map that will direct your guests to the place where you are going to host your wedding.

You can also put two different pictures of yourselves, one of you when you were still a little innocent child and then one of you now. It will be a treat especially for your parents who will be watching their little girl and little boy get married. Just be creative and include something that spells out your name.

The song that is going to be sung or played as the bride walks in should have a significant meaning for you both. It may be the song that was playing when you met or the first song that you both loved and sang together despite your different tastes in music, a song that when you hear, it’s full of memories and the first person that comes into mind is your spouse.



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