A wedding is planned for months, starting as soon as the date is announced. The D day arrives with all its guests and it may become quite difficult for the couple to interact with all those who came to shower their blessings and wishes on them.

What if you could collect all their wishes and then savor them once the hullabaloo is over? The guest book can get boring with the usual “Best Wishes from Aunt Mae”. Some really innovative and creative twists can be added to this to collect the wishes and thoughts for the new couple.

You could print small cards with pre printed questions for the guest. These could be a couple of fun questions like “your first memory of the two as a couple” or a funny incident involving both or either.

These cards can be collected in a glass bowl and you can go through these once you are settled in the love nest. You could even punch holes in these cards and thread in a ribbon.

The threaded filled out card can be tied to a potted plant or branches from a tree. You may even hand out broad satin ribbons to the guests along with fabric pens. Once the guests have finished writing, the ribbon can be collected and tied to a tree branch where they will flutter till you bring them down.



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