Wedding in beautiful fall months adds a special touch to the ceremony when decorated well. Consider some of the fall wedding ideas to make your wedding more memorable. It is easy to find fall wedding ideas.

Here are some of the fall wedding ideas:

1. Color palette

fall wedding ideasChoose the colors that are reflective of the autumn season. Rich yellows, warm golds, peach, browns, oranges, and reds make a stylish backdrop for your most special day.

Think about foliage as a source for color inspiration. Rich and warm colors are most inviting and they represent the season of the year. Also, use colors for favors, cake, linens and bridesmaid gown.

2. Colorful flowers

This is one of the most considerable fall wedding ideas. Most popular fall flowers include: orchids, roses, dahlias, mums and gardenias. You can consider using rich shade berries to fill your bouquet.

If you are looking for fall wedding ideas, you must consider carnations. Bright yellow or orange flowers make amazing centerpieces. Rather than ferns, greens and baby’s breath accent with fallen leaves.

3. Delightful favors

Based on how formal is your wedding, fun choice for wedding favors is to include ceramic or plastic pumpkins packed with yours and your partner’s most favorite Halloween candy.

Candles are also a great choice as fall wedding favors. Give candy or caramel wrapped in cellophane to your guests. Consider Halloween, harvest or spicy scents to your guests.

4. Decorations

It is one of the most important fall wedding ideas. Consider harvest theme with rich colors. Use heavier fabrics for linens such as velvet. For autumn wedding, candles are a great addition.

5. Spicy menu ideas

Rich favors including spices are always appropriate for fall weddings. Consider harvest vegetables such as pumpkins and squash in your menu. These vegetables not only signify the autumn feel of the ceremony, but they are also seasonal and you are likely to get them cheap.

For meals, chicken or turkey is an ideal choice. You can include pumpkin cookies or gingerbread cookies as a fun addition to desert options as they give a spicy taste. Also, for desert, you can give an alternative to your guests by offering pie, apple, pumpkin, blueberry, and cherry. These are perfect for your autumn celebration.

6. Wonderful cake choices

Choose fall wedding cake that is somewhat spicy such as apple, banana or carrot cake. You can use cream cheese or spiced chocolate icing. Allocate a series of fall colored flowers or leaves to drop over each layer.

7. Lively invitations

If your wedding is fall themed wedding, it is best to consider that theme in invitations also. Choose a style with falling leaves on the background or a floral print that matches with your wedding colors.

8. Some other fall wedding ideas

  • Choose centerpieces made from gourds, pumpkins and colorful corn.
  • Choose vibrant color garlands that are made from silk or foil leaves.
  • Place bowls of fruits like pears and apples as table centerpieces.
  • Place hay bales at the corners.
  • Place colorful leaves on tables.


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