As long as the culture of weddings exists, there will be wedding myths and superstitions to accompany them.

Like most of the things, the ideas of myths and superstitions regarding wedding have come from far and wide world.

Some of the wedding myths may seem like funny, while few of them can appear to be quite harsh.

Even not all wedding myths may bring bad luck to your life, there are also some wedding myths and superstitions that can bring good luck to your life.

Popular wedding myths:

1. Rain on wedding day!

Concerning rain on the wedding day, some brides believe that many tears will be shed in the marriage, while others say that rain brings good luck and blessings to couple.

A rainy wedding day also foretells that many children to be born to the couple as the rain promotes growth in farmer’s fields.

2. On the way to church!

It is believed that it is fortunate for the bride to meet dove, spider, a lamb or a black cat on her way to church. Some brides feel themselves as fortunate if they see a policeman, doctor, clergy man or blind man on her way to church. The groom should give a coin to the first person he sees on his way to church for inviting good luck in his married life.

3. Wearing pearls on wedding!

The option of wearing pearls as bridal accessory in her wedding has many contradictory meanings. The unlucky version of wearing pearls on wedding day assumes that pearls are symbols of tears, which as a bride you can inevitably shed on your wedding day.

Other positive versions maintains that pearls take the place of bride’s real tears, so she will have happy and tear free wedding.

4. Signing the married name!

It is most popular myth and superstition that it is tempting fate for the bride to write out or sign her married name before her wedding. For the same reason, the bride should also avoid wearing her entire bridal outfit prior to her wedding.

These are only few wedding myths. Don’t blindly believe and make yourself disappointed before or on your wedding day. Always believe that positive attitude brings more positive results to your life.



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