Everybody likes to celebrate their anniversary in a very special and memorable way, because it is a very special occasion in every married couple’s life.

Wedding anniversary gifts play a great role in celebrating your anniversary.

Selection of wedding anniversary gifts are based on the person to whom you are going to give. It may be your hubby, wife, parents, friends, or any other relatives.

The most popular and favorite gift items that can be given to all your husband, wife, parents, friends or family members include: cakes, fresh flowers, chocolates and dry fruit boxes.

Wonderful Ideas For Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Ideas for wedding anniversary gifts:

For wife:

1. The most simple way to tell “I love you” to your wife is through sending fresh flower bouquet with beautiful and vibrant flowers. This is the most lovable gift for her, but you must be very careful in selecting the right type of flowers for your lady love. Make sure that the flowers are as romantic as you.

2. Jewelry is also a great item that your wife loves so much. Gift anything like a neckpiece, bracelet, ring or chokers. Also, you can gift gold, diamond or platinum sets. Plain gold chain with a diamond pendant is most fashionable one or you can also go for ethnic kind of jewelry. Really they look rich.

3. Gifting jewelry boxes designed with intricate carvings, colorful inlay work or inserted with beautiful stones is also a great idea.

4. A most simple option is gifting cakes and chocolates. Choose from different types of flavors. Gifting a cake for both of you will be a perfect wedding anniversary gift.

5. Gift something to your wife, which she was considering to buy from long time, for example, kitchen appliances.

6. Perfumes and clothes are also favorite items for all most all ladies. Ladies are mostly fond of perfumes, so gift her desired fragrance. Gifting designer clothes in which she feels comfortable is also a great idea.

For husband:

Choose wedding anniversary gifts that greatly suit your husband’s personality. Gift the item that he uses daily.

1. Usually men love to have gadgets, so you can gift a laptop, an electronic dairy, electronic notebook or I-pod.

2. Gifting clothes is also a great option; you can either gift formal or informal wear.

3. If your husband is overweight and he is not that much conscious about his health, then you can buy a weight loss program for him or you can take him to a spa for a whole body treatment and also a muscle toning program.

4. If your husband is not conscious about his looks, then you can take him for whole body makeover so that your husband will feel very special.

5. Plan for a surprise party. Planning for a candle light dinner for only two of you with unique items, cake and Champaign is a great way.

For parents:

1. Plan for a surprising party by inviting your mom’s and dad’s close friends and relatives.

2. Also, you can send them for a second honeymoon to a place that they like to visit [Selecting honeymoon travel location].

3. Plan for lunch or dinner to your parent’s favorite restaurant.

4. Send your parents to any cultural program, movie, park or exhibition.

For friends:

1. For friends, give flower bouquets, chocolate boxes, dry fruits, etc as their wedding anniversary gifts.

2. Giving showpieces, which are related to anniversary, is also a great idea.

3. Gifting couple wristwatches, photo frames, home decorative pieces, perfume sets, books regarding the relationship between husband and wife, etc are also wonderful ideas for wedding anniversary gifts.

These ideas will help you on what to present on wedding anniversary to your wife, hubby, parents or friends. These ideas really make them feel great.

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  1. My friend is celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary next week.Can you suggest me the perfect tenth wedding anniversary gifts?


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