Usually people find it difficult to choose the best favors and so they often ask what are good wedding shower favors.

If you are thinking about this too, the best thing that you might do is to choose something practical, but that will become a nice reminder of your big day.

What Are Good Wedding Shower Favors

Recipes as wedding shower favors

You should get a wooden box personalized with information about your wedding, such as the date and the first name of the bride and the groom. Add to this box some of your recipes, written on cards. You may offer the recipes of the foods served at the shower.


All women want to look their best at all occasions, and so the ideas for wedding shower favors should include beauty products. There are some sets that come with all the essential items for an important event, such as a wedding. Look for the sets that have full size items as well.

Cookie cutters

If you have a limited budget when you are asking what are good wedding shower favors, think about offering the guests cookie cutters. Since you are preparing for your wedding, these should have a heart shape. Place them in a nice package and add a pink ribbon as well.

Cherry blossom candles

Another one of the wedding shower favor ideas is to offer your guests a scented candle. This is a simple favor that every person can actually use. You can decorate the candles with a ribbon and you can also add a personalized tag to them.


Although this is a more unusual idea when it comes to what are good wedding shower favors, a cherry blossom soap might be just perfect as a wedding favor. They usually come in a nice box and you could personalize these boxes so that they will have your first name and the first name of the groom.

Measuring spoon

The majority of women like baking and so the favors for your wedding shower should have something to do with this. Offer measuring spoons in the shape of hearts in different sizes so that women will be reminded of your wedding every time they bake something good.

Keep in mind that when you are asking what are good wedding shower favors, you should have something practical in mind that people won’t just throw in a drawer and never see or use again.



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