When it comes to wedding shower gifts, the majority of the guests are looking for some gifts that are more special so that the couple will always remember them. The market is full with different items that you could offer, and sometimes all it takes is to think outside the box.

1. Mugs as wedding shower gifts

Naturally we aren’t referring to just any kind of mug. You should be looking for something more special, such as a mug that has a mustache on one side and a woman’s mouth on the other side. The good thing about these mugs is that the couple could be using each other’s mugs, and they wouldn’t even know. Also these gifts for the wedding shower can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Wedding Shower Gifts2. Cookbook

The truth is that this isn’t one of the most traditional gifts that you will find, but you can be sure that the couple will appreciate your gift. This contains the recipes and the cooking tips of bestselling authors, so that the new couple will have a good start in their kitchen with the help of this gift for the wedding shower.

3. Champagne saucers

For sure you would like the couple to be able to celebrate every day their love and these champagne saucers could help them. The more special ones have been engraved with ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’. This gift for the wedding shower is both creative and functional.

4. Photo frame

If you don’t have any more creative ideas, you could also offer a photo frame that is said to be one of the classical gift ideas. You should be looking for those that have been plated with silver, and the cutest ones are those that also come with a bow. You should make sure to offer stylish wedding shower gifts.

5. Teapot

You don’t have to be thinking about the teapot that your granny used to have. In case you know that the couple likes to have tea, you should offer something that you are sure they are going to use. The more creative gifts for the wedding shower include teapots in the shape of an elephant to create the right mood to have Darjeeling tea.

6. Candlesticks

In case you are looking for wedding shower gifts that would make the home of the couple prettier, you could go for the candlesticks. There are some simple ones, but if the newlyweds have a modern home, you could look for those candlesticks that are made of cube shaped crystals.

7. Cutting board

You might think that this isn’t one of the most romantic gifts for the wedding shower, but you can’t deny that this is a really functional one. Look for those that could serve as a decorative element for the kitchen as well for added value.

Depending on the style of the wedding you could be looking for really traditional wedding shower gifts or for some that require a bit of out of the box thinking. Then just make a decision and prepare to act on it.



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