In case you are planning a wedding, you already know – it’s all about the gifts. Take a look at our suggestion about gift ideas for the each event of your wedding.

Any guest will bring you gifts, but there is always a question if the gifts will be delivered straight to your home before the wedding or after the party, when you will open them as a married woman.

In case your wedding is small, simply open the gifts in front of your guests, but if you are planning a traditional big wedding the best decision is to receive the gifts in your home before the event. You can open them after the wedding party.

The shower gifts are also an issue to think about. The etiquette about the shower gifts is different, because you have to thank each guest in a person. In case you want to avoid this, simply send a thank you note to each of your guests.

In case you have received a damaged gift, try to return it to the store. If there is no option like this, notify the sender of your gift so that he can collect the insurance. If this is a gift from a close friend, tell her. You can always find another option to change your gift with something else.



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