There are several occasions when we have to attend weddings of older couples.  These couples may either be trying hands at marriage for the second or third time or may be settling down a little late. Whatever the case may be, they still deserve your love and blessings and the best way to congratulate them is by giving them a wedding gift.

No matter what the age is, weddings are occasions for celebration and hence you must think of a nice and thoughtful gift. To prevent you from getting confused, the following are the top wedding gift ideas for older couples:

wedding gift ideas for older couplesA Useful Electronic Item

One of the best gifts that you can give any couple on their wedding, irrespective of their age is a home electronic item. There are plenty of options to fit your budget and some of them include home theatres, LED/LCD TVs, a music system, a washing machine or a microwave/oven. These items are necessary for all families and couples and will prove to be a worth for your money as well. These items tend to be well utilized and can prove to be a way for the couple to remember you forever.

A Short Trip

Another superb gift idea for older couples is a short trip outside the city or the country. You don’t necessarily need to sponsor their honeymoon but you can sure gift them a package which they will love. Irrespective of the age, all newly married couples love to travel and thus this can be a lovely gift.

A Tablet/Laptop

Another item that you can gift a couple who is slightly older in age is a tablet or a laptop. This is a solid gift item which both the husband and wife can use and will prove to be very useful for many years to come. But before gifting such an item, always make sure the couple needs such a gift.

A Pre-Wedding Couple Photo Shoot

Pre-wedding candid photo shoots are becoming very popular these days and even older couples love to get these done. You can sponsor such a shoot for the couple who is going to get married and gift the album on the day of the wedding.

A Video of their Journey so Far

If you have known the couple for a long time, then you can also create a video of their journey so far by joining small videos, photographs and other memories.


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