The wedding is a very important event for every man and woman and sometimes the most important event in somebody’s life. Sometime the friends close to the bride and groom want to offer the happy couple a unique surprise or a unique moment that will help them remember their wedding as something wonderful and memorable.

The surprise does not have to be necessarily something very expensive. It is simply something the couple will like, will be fond of or will be enchanted with.

An impressive album

This album can represent a memory of exception and can be made by the very good friends, the colleagues or even the parents of the couple.

Something like this requires time and it’s a cool idea to make it cover the important periods of the bride and groom’s life like the childhood, the high school and the college years, the work experience. It can also contain all the crazy things the two have done during those times.

In the album can be put photos from the trips they took to the mountains, the expeditions they went together before they got married.

All the wonderful moments they spent together can this way be joined into a wonderful way of remembering what exactly brought them together to the very day of their wedding.

You can also add a fun description to the pictures referring to the events presented in them. The couple will be amused and it will be an experience worth remembering about their wedding day.

A vintage limousine

Most brides and grooms dream of going to church inside a luxurious limousine. Still a vintage elegant car, extremely luxurious, can make a distinctive note bringing a special touch to the wedding.

A convertible vintage limousine is something very spectacular and will for sure wow the wedding guests and will add a Hollywood style touch to the whole wedding.

Flying lanterns

A very cute and romantic idea for the wedding day is using flying lanterns. These lanterns can be used at the wedding reception instead of fireworks or during a special moment that you would like to make unforgettable for the happy couple.

The lanterns flying in the dark night sky can signal the first dance of the couple and they can create a perfect atmosphere that will transport them inside a fairytale.

A surprise can become the way you can offer the bride and groom a special out of the ordinary wedding gift that will make their wedding day special and prove how much you want them to be happy.



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