Wedding party gifts are complementary gift items the guests have to give the bride and the groom. As a token of appreciation of their union, these gifts are given to have something for the newlyweds to start. Getting married means starting a new life as a couple, away from the comfort of being single.

wedding party giftsWedding party gifts can be anything the guest can afford. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or luxurious. It is supposed to be useful to the couple and helpful.

Tips on what to give as wedding party gifts

1. Home Appliances

Home appliances are common wedding party gifts. But don’t take it too lightly; the bride and groom will appreciate this to start their home improvement. This will enable them save more on putting out cash for their home appliances. Linens, china’s, and other basic home appliances can go a long way.

2. Gift Checks

Giving a gift check as one of the wedding party gifts, will help the couple buy specific things they need for their home. They can consolidate all gift checks or have this added to cash purchase to acquire that one specific thing they want to have.

3. Reservations

For well to do individuals, you opt to give them an overnight reservation to a special resort or hotel after their wedding. Wedding party gifts don’t have to be exactly material things. By offering them a night out of town, you give them the gift of relaxation and quiet time for each other.

4. Sponsorship

A very appealing form of wedding party gifts is to offer sponsorship. It may not be everything about the wedding but on some portions of it such as wedding gown, reception, bridesmaid gowns and other important things occurring during the wedding.

5. Cash

It could be an informal form of wedding party gifts but is helpful to the couple. Preparation of the wedding can be very expensive, consolidated cash gifts may be used to pay off some debts and sometimes is used for down payment on housing or car loans.

If you plan to give and elaborate wedding party gifts, make sure that it is useful and helpful to the newlywed couple. As soon as you receive your invitation, you can start scanning for unique wedding gifts to give the bride and the groom. It is also important to inquire on the RSVP on what is the couple’s plan, if they plan to stay after the wedding or migrate. You will have a chance getting a more appropriate gift for them to bring.

If you’re not sure about what to give as a present, it is always a neutral and safe thing to give cash. It will enable them to acquire the specific things and appliances they need to get. The modern couples have option to make a list of what they need and post this on a certain location. Invitations will indicate where you can find it and you can check on their list to see what has not yet given and pick one to give them as a gift.



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