Your maid of honor is the person who is there with you during the preparations for your wedding and she is the person who helps you the most. This is why it might be a good idea to offer her a special gift as a sign of your appreciation.

1. Pampering day or week at the spa

Pampering day or week at the spa

The perfect remedy for stress is a massage, a facial, manicure and pedicure. Offer all these to your maid of honor. Maybe you could also join her before the wedding to relax a bit.

2. Jewelry


Jewelry is the perfect gift for women. In order for the jewelry to have a special meaning you may be thinking about a locket or a charm bracelet that can be personalized. If she already has a bracelet, get her a special charm.

3. Photo album

Photo album

Although the professional photos are great for the wedding, you should take some extra snapshots behind the scenes and create a special photo album for your maid of honor. Take photos of the rehearsal, dress fittings and other special moments.

4. Champagne and flowers

Champagne and flowers

There is no way for you to go wrong by offering your maid of honor her favorite champagne and some flowers. You can give her the gift at the reception in front of everybody.

5. Gift card

Gift card

It is a well-known fact that women just love shopping and you can be sure that she would like to go on a prepaid shopping spree. Get her a shopping card for her favorite brand or favorite store. This is one of the unconventional gift ideas.

6. Holiday


Even though you will be traveling with your new husband quite a bit, you could offer to take your maid of honor on a girls only weekend trip to the Windy City and book a nice hotel in Chicago. Regardless of where you choose to go, your maid of honor will be happy to share the experience with you.

7. Dating site registration

Dating site registration

This gift is suitable only if she is single and you should use it with precaution. You don’t want to upset her. If she’s been in and out of relationships, it might be a good idea to find her the perfect date.

8. Pamper her

 Pamper her

Having a lovely basket filled with goodies is a great way to repay your maid of honor for all her hard work.

9. Concert tickets

Concert tickets

If there is a concert that she is dying to see, you should make it happen for her.

10. Designer clothes

Designer clothes

There is no woman that wouldn’t like to have a pair of designer shoes or a designer bag.

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