In case you are looking for the top 10 bridal shower gift ideas, you should have in mind some items that are practical and that the guests will be able to use in the future.

Top 10 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

1. A cute apron

One of the cutest and funniest ideas that you could have is to create a personalized apron that contains the ‘recipe to happiness’.

2. Flip flops

If you will have your bridal shower at a spa, the best 10 bridal shower gifts include personalized flip flops. These should have a bride on them and maybe the name of the bride.

3. Cookbook

If the bride happens to enjoy cooking, think about offering her the latest big hit among the cook books. One of the choices that you have is InterCourses.

4. Love kits

The top 10 bridal shower gift ideas also involve some naughty gifts. For instance there is the kit called Weekend of Love. This is a kit that all women will be able to use sooner or later involving cute furry handcuffs and erotic massage oil.

5. Cutting boards

There is nothing more practical than a cutting board. Women will be able to use it even if they don’t like to cook. Make sure that you go for the personalized ones so that it will remind the bride how much fun was her bridal shower.

6. Dinner kit

In case you are looking for the 10 best bridal shower gifts you should consider whether the bride likes Thai food. If she does, consider getting her a Thai dinner kit that comes with everything she could possibly need.

7. Wood recipe box

It is possible that the bride collects recipes. If this is the case you should offer her a wooden box especially created for this purpose. It is even better if the top lid is personalized.

8. Stiletto wine bottle holder

If you are looking for the top 10 bridal shower gift ideas that will make the bride smile, go for the wine holder that comes in the shape of a zebra patterned stiletto.

9. Chocolate fondue

Maybe the bride is a fan of chocolate, and in this case the top 10 bridal shower gifts include a set for chocolate fondue. You can be sure that this is something the bride will actually use.

10. Pie maker

All women like to have some freshly baked pies and so the pie maker can be one of the top 10 bridal shower gift ideas that the bride will truly enjoy. Just make sure that you choose one both cute and practical.



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