Wedding is usually filled with fuss about the gifts, so here are few tips what to do, when receiving gifts.

In case the gifts are brought to your engagement party, accept them with a smile and set them aside to open later. This will spare the embarrassment for those guests that didn’t bring anything at your engagement party.

When it comes to wedding shower gifts, thank to each of your guests in person.

You can do it with a thankful note, but the most common way is to thank them in person, which will be most, appreciated.

In case the gift is one and it is from several people, give them a small thankful speech. Shower gifts are also meant to be opened later, when the party is over.

Wedding gifts are an issue, when you don’t know how to thank your guests. In case the gifts are delivered before the wedding, you can open them anytime you want.

Some couples don’t want their gifts to be delivered before the ceremony and usually are opening them during the honeymoon.

If you do so, don’t forget to thank anyone with a thankful note, in case your wedding is big. If it’s not, you can simply thank each of the guests in person.



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