Almost everyone wakes up in the morning to a cup of coffee or tea. And so people would love to get a mug as a wedding favour. With people getting more practical in choosing their wedding day favours, personalized mugs are getting popular. The main advantage of giving a mug as a wedding favour is that it is something that is utility oriented; meaning it would be used every day.

Further, when it is personalized it will remind your guests about your big day and the fun they had on the day. Each time they sip from the cup they will remember you and wish you well.


What To Do

There are several ways to get mugs personalized. One such quick fix method is to choose the Photo Mug App that enables you to create and order photo mugs right from the comfort of your iPhone.

This is a freely downloadable iPhone app available at the App Store. All you have to do is visit and follow the easy to read instructions. You could use any photo or graphic downloaded on your phone, edit it and then place the order.

Alternately, you could also use your iPhone to create a very special graphic design and add your message and effects to it. Pay by credit or debit card and bingo! your personalized mugs are ready and will reach you in a day.

Instant Wedding Favours

Your wedding favours will be delivered to your doorstep in a day. This service is not limited to UK alone. It is available in other countries as well. Of course, shipping the mugs to other countries would take 6 days time, so you would have to plan a little in advance. Go ahead, download this app and use it to make your wedding favour. It is sure to make your guests happy and will carry memories of your special day into their lives every day.



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