With more and more couples opting for green weddings, the need for guests to rack their brains and creativity to choose eco-friendly gifts to suit these green weddings is on the rise. Easier said than done, as, to choose something appropriate for a couple who is environment conscious, is a daunting task and requires a lot of contemplation as to the suitability and use of the item being gifted. Wedding gifts are usually given to the couple with an idea that the couple can use it post their wedding in their new home. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, the gifts that you choose for the newly-weds should help them create an eco-friendly green home.

Ideas For Green Wedding Gifts

Here are a few ideas to help you choose an apt gift for the green couple:

1. Go organic:-Choose from an array of organic bath towels in various hues, soft robes, and bed sheets or bed linens for adorning the newly-weds home. You can also choose hand printed or block printed bed spreads or table mats in vegetable dyes to complete this idea. Materials which are hand woven or woven on foot looms are a great idea for gifting and come at affordable prices.

2. Green for life:-Trees are a great gift idea for a couple who is going to start their new life in a house with a garden. Your sapling could be planted and will grow along with them, and whenever they look at it they will remember you. If you are not sure what the couple’s choice is by way of type of trees, you may choose a tree gift voucher instead. This can be encashed by them when they want. They could invest the voucher for the tree that they would like for their garden. If the couple doesn’t have a garden you could opt for indoor plants or bonsai as well.

3. Recycled Materials:-Recycled glassware and terracotta tea sets make for great gift ideas and are environment friendly too.

4. Healthy cooking:-Gift a subscription to a couples cooking class to help the wedded couple learn healthy green cooking together. Find out a cooking class in the local vicinity or shop for options online.

5. Sustainable energy:- If your budget for the gift is high or if you can get together with a couple of more friends and relatives to split the cost, there is nothing quite like a set of solar panels to help fuel the newly-weds house. Sustainable eco-friendly energy for a lifetime.

6. Gift a Holiday: Gift a pass to some natural park or nature trail to the special couple. They will never forget this loving gesture from you. Make sure to get an idea of the dates and places that would be suitable for the couple; or else your efforts might go in vain!

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