While words of appreciation are valuable in themselves, there’s nothing like a gift to show your appreciation. The trouble is finding one that constantly reminds them of your enduring friendship.

While weddings obviously require lots of planning and effort, and you want to thank everyone for helping and for attending the most important occasion of your life, bridesmaids are particularly crucial.

Here are a few ideas to show how much you care and take away the confusion:

  1. If you want to give something unique, go for a personalized gift. For example, if your bridesmaid loves silver jewelry, go for silver earrings or a finger ring engraved with her initial.
  2. A beautiful photo frame to enclose a photograph of you and your bridesmaid is a great idea for a gift. Make sure a photographer takes a photo of you and each of the bridesmaids separately. Present the gift along with a personalized thank you note.
  3. In some cultures, the bride will give beautiful attire as a gift to her bridesmaids. Attire that fits their personal body shape and suits their taste is an expression of thoughtfulness and appreciation.
  4. Cosmetic bags filled with feminine toiletries are equally as personal. Get your bridesmaids some personalized lip shades or other make-up items that they can use immediately.
  5. Though they are not as personal, gift certificates or gift cards are more practical and multifunctional these days. Consider gift certificates or gift cards from different stores and sites, where they can purchase everything from accessories and shoes to decorative household items.
  6. One final option to continue your beautiful wedding theme is to give your bridesmaid a gift that co-ordinates with your wedding theme. For example, if your wedding theme is wine-themed, go for a wine bottle with a stopper engraved with your bridesmaid’s initials. If your wedding event is in fall or winter, a well-designed thermal blanket could do the trick.

Hopefully, these bridesmaid gift ideas help you to express your appreciation and love towards your bridesmaid in a sincere way.



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