In case you have received a wedding invitation, the very first thing you need to consider is the choice of a wedding gift. Many are traditionalist and spend a lot of money for gifts, because the tradition says it should be expensive. According to the wedding experts, this is no longer a tradition.

A wedding gift should be as expensive as you decide. There are many affordable wedding gifts and they usually are the perfect decision for many people that are seeking gifts on a budget.

wedding gifts

Typically the amount you should spend on a present depends on the wedding location, your budget and your age. If the location is far away from you, don’t buy expensive gifts and no one will expect you to do it.

The recent theory about it is simple – $75 is enough for a wedding gift, in case it is far from your location. If you are close relative or a friend, then you need to spend at least $150 for the wedding gift. The etiquette for the wedding gifts is very open.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars just to show to the bride and groom you appreciate them and their party. Consider your budget well, if you are close to the bride and the groom. For instance, if the wedding is at the Bahamas, you don’t need to buy something for $200.

wedding gift

The expectations of the bride and groom aren’t about a luxury gift; they are usually appreciating your presence, especially if the wedding is far from your place. Consider the fact that most of the weddings provide hotel accommodations to the attendants that come especially for the event, but despite this you will need some extra money for tickets, food etc.

The right amount for a wedding gift in this case is $75 to $100. Another issue to consider is the surrounding celebrations. Probably you will have to prepare some extra money for the bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party and the engagement party.

wedding gifts

They are events that don’t require expensive gifts, in case you aren’t close friend or a relative, but in case you are the brother or the sister of the bride, you will have to prepare gifts for each of these events.

They are typically not as expensive as the main gift, but they are also expenses, so prepare at least $30 for each. The main gift, in case you are close friend to the bride and the groom and the wedding is near your location should be between $200 and $500.



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