You are probably asking yourself, why in the world you would want to buy your groomsmen gifts when this is YOUR big day, you are the one who is supposed to be getting the gifts.

Well these are just a small way of showing your appreciation.

Come on, it won’t have to be a dent in your budget. Just try some of these ideas.

Who would refuse a Pierre Cardin cotton shirt? You know your groomsmen better so you can diversify the colors according to individual taste. It doesn’t take time; say 10 minutes and you have your shirts. It’s also easy upon the pocket as well.

Ever thought of watches? I know you are thinking; a good quality watch may actually be expensive but it’s the detail on the watch that determines the price. You can substitute the original leather watch belts with just an imitation. Think along those lines and you will come up with something elegant and less expensive.

Something portable, affordable and more neutral would be a diary. Yes, a business diary with a leather cover engraved with your name and your spouse’s. Maybe a little ‘thank you’ note to make it more personalized. Or, you can go for the obvious gifts such as deodorants.

Not just any deodorant that you pick up from a shelf. Rather get an original and not too common scent Like David Beckham’s range of scents. You will get an overall approval for this one. I can bet on that one!

Shaving cream can also be part of a set of a spray deodorant and a roll on.

Even the most inexpensive item as a gift for your groomsmen is enough to say thank you. Beer mugs with printed statements that best describe the person you hand it to, preferably something with humor. If you are really not up for words then print cartoons or just cute little fuzzy things. It all works.

Socks, be it Nike, Puma or Adidas. These are the small things that men can’t live without but they just can’t bring themselves to going shopping for them.

Here is another thought, mobile phones. Everyone has it but there is no rule against owning two of them, is there? It may cost you a sizable amount depending on the type of the phone and how many of these you have to buy. A gift is not measured by how much you spend but it has to come from the heart.

Come on, you really can afford to buy your groomsmen gifts when you have all these ideas.



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