gift for groomGrooms are often neglected during the planning of the wedding and their responsibility in the whole process is the honeymoon.

If the groom means a lot to you and you are more privileged than him then the best wedding day gift you could give him is a fully paid trip to a perfect honeymoon destination of their choice including transport and accommodation.

This will take a load off the groom and gives him time to deal with possible wedding related debts.

The money he would have put aside for the honeymoon can then be used towards the house, if they just moved in. Or even the baby if they are already expecting.

1. When choosing a gift for the groom, do not restrict yourself to wedding related gifts. Give him something that he might like depending on his character and personality.

You should also give him something that is durable and will last for years to come. It is always a good idea to get him something useful in everyday life so that he remembers you every time he uses it.

2. Every man dreams of a plasma screen television. These are expensive so the best thing to do is to come together as friends or his groomsmen to contribute an equal amount of money that will go towards the television.

Most men regard marriage as the end to a party life and if that is so why not give your wedded friend a reason to stay home? You will also be allowed to come over and watch sport at his house with no ‘host’ responsibilities.

3. Furniture would also be ideal as a wedding gift. A bachelor’s pad does not appeal to most women so visit his home and make a list of the necessities.

Electrical appliances as gifts will save him the trouble of buying them and make you look like a hero. Buying things for ‘their’ house is thoughtful but it is not specifically for him in the long run.

4. Cash would be ideal as a wedding gift for the groom as he will spend it on what he feels will be best. It will be like buying him exactly what he wanted no matter how childish. The money will be his to spend on whatever his heart desires and no one should dictate its allowance to him.

5. From his wife, she should probably buy him something that he has always wanted but could never get. Something romantic like matching ‘his and hers’ watches with identical inscriptions will also be sweet.



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