It is said that money is one of the least creative wedding gifts of them all, and so you might want to look for some others that the newlyweds would like to get. Here are some that are suitable even in case you are on a tight budget.

Baking supplies as wedding gifts that are creative

For such a gift you should get some measuring cups, cookie scoop and to make the couple smile, you could also include a few recipe cards with your favorite recipes. It may be a good idea to fill all of the cups with dry ingredients for the cookies, and also throw in some tissue paper, and add the cookie scoop as the tag.

Creative Wedding GiftsWine

In case they have wine glasses on their registry, you could get them as wedding gifts that are creative, and also make sure to get a few bottles of your favorite wine.

Don’t forget about the wine stopper either. The same thing could be done if they need margarita glasses or mugs for beer.

Pizza kit

In case the couple needs creative wedding gifts involving pizza, you could get them pizza stone and pizza wheel, not to mention some homemade pizza seasoning, and maybe also some pizza sauce. Just as in case of the cookies, you could add some recipes.

Other baking supplies

In order to get the couple some wedding gifts that are creative and that they can use around the kitchen, you could want to consider cupcake pans, cookie sheets, bread pans, and other baking supplies as well that you can think of. Also add some ingredients, and in case you have some favorite recipes, you should share those as well.

Picnic set

This is one of the creative wedding gifts and in the same time it is also romantic. You could fill the picnic basket with paper supplies, like paper plates, napkins, cups and silverware that the couple will be able to use.

Coffee or tea

In case the couple likes coffee, as a wedding gift that is creative you could offer a coffee maker and some fancy kinds of coffee. If they are more into having tea, than opt for a tea pot and some special kinds of tea. Also you could offer some hot chocolate and if you have some money left, also offer two mugs.

Date night

To make sure that your creative wedding gifts will make a night unforgettable, you should create a basket with movie tickets or gift cards. Also you could be thinking about gift cards for restaurants or fast foods. Add some food too, like popcorn, chocolate, candy and something to drink.

There are a lot of wedding gifts that are creative that you can think of. When you are looking for ideas for creative wedding gifts you might want to consider all the things that you would like to get for your own wedding, or the things that you need. The personality of the couple could also be a starting point.



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