Her wedding day is an important part of any woman’s life. Part of this special day is being with others who mean a lot to you. These people are your bridesmaids. Usually they are a special friend or a family member. You have chosen them to be with you on your special day.

Many brides wish to do a little something in appreciation of all that their bridesmaids do for them. Gift giving is a very common practice that occurs from the bride to her bridesmaids. An excellent gift choice for bridesmaids would be a personalised gift for getting personal with one’s friends.

Giving a personalised gift to your bridesmaids shows that you put a little extra thought into the gift. It lets you know how thankful you are for them. One item that makes a terrific personalised gift is jewellery. Many brides like to select a piece of jewellery that can be personalised and then worn by all of the bridesmaids during the wedding ceremony.

Necklaces are a popular choice. They can be engraved with a name or purchased with a pendant in the shape of an initial. These necklaces can also be worn often after the wedding. Bracelets are another good choice for a personalised bridesmaid gift.

Another option for gift giving would be personalised wine glasses or champagne flutes. They can be personalised with a name or initial. They can be used during the toast at the wedding reception then taken home for a keepsake as a reminder of the bridesmaid’s part in the wedding. They can be used later after the wedding in one’s own home.

Compacts are another gift that can be personalised. Most women use these to apply to touch up make-up. They come in metals or even lacquered designs. They can also be easily personalised with an initial or name. You can find personalised bridesmaid gifts, wedding gifts along with unusual gifts for men and women at Getting Personal.



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