If you are invited to a gay couple wedding and are confused about what to gift them then the first thing that you must remember is that a gay couple is a pair of people who are just like any other people. Thus the gifts don’t really have to be ‘gay’ or focussing upon the same sex marriage. They can be as normal as gifts you give to other couples but ofcourse in sync with the gender of the couple. For your reference and help, the following is a list of the most amazing gifting ideas for a gay couple.

gifting ideas for gay couple wedding

A Spa Package

Gifting a spa package to a gay couple is a great way to have them relax after their wedding and spend some peaceful time on their honeymoon. There are many couple centric spa packages available these days and some spa centres also offer ‘gay couple’ packages. Make sure you choose a good and renowned one.

His & His/Her & Her Personalised Products

Another creative gifting idea for a gay couple wedding is gifting His His or Her&Her pair of things like pillow cases, cushion covers, coffee mugs, photo frames and many others.  Everyone has His&Her products but for a gay couple, gifting a His& His or Her&Her can be a stand out.

Matching Clothes

Another brilliant gifting idea for a gay couple is matching clothes or accessories. These outfits can be worn by them on special occasions to look like a couple very much in love with each other. If you think gifting similar outfits is odd, you can also give them matching items like ties, footwear, belts, jewellery or others.

Lockets with Each Other’s Photos

If the gay couple is a close family member or friend then another good gifting idea for their wedding could be a locket each with the photo of their gay partner.  You can gift two pieces of hearts as lockets or full hearts besides any other kinds of shapes.

A Romantic Getaway

You can send the gay couple on a romantic trip to some place where same sex marriages are legal and gay couples aren’t treated unfairly. You can choose some nice secluded beach or any other travel destination for them to go either on their honeymoon or a short trip for a few days. This can prove to be a very useful gift.


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