When you say you want a wedding gift out of the ordinary for sure you do not expect such a cool gesture from a friend?

When asked to create something original for her friends’ wedding Sachiko managed to turn ordinary pieces of Lego into the cutest bride and groom ever.

From the beautiful lineage of the pedestal looking like a checkerboard marbled wedding cake to the lovely draped dress of the bride, the Lego details are amazing.

It is unbelievable with how much accuracy did the artist combine the Lego pieces to create their smiles. A special touch is brought by the tiny details like a boutonnière ornament, the wedding bouquet and hair ornament flowers from the bride’s hair.

Indeed such a wonderful wedding gift will bring joy to anybody who sees it. Imagine how much fun did the two members of the happy couple had looking at it.

This is truly a wonderful memory and one of the most original wedding gifts one cannot buy from the notorious wedding shops all over the world.

Source:  Lets-brick



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