In case your wedding day is soon and you are still wondering about the bridesmaid gifts, think about a lovely book. Your favorite books are good idea for a significant gift.

books as giftA book is always welcomed and it will stay as a reminder of your friendship. Choose your favorite books and give them to your bridesmaid, knowing their favorite authors.

In case you don’t want to give them different books, you can always choose the same author, but different cover. A perfect example is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or Little Women.

It will always remind them of your best day and certainly you will amaze your friends with good taste and a classy present. There are also different suggestions of books, but in case you want to add your personal touch, you can order different covers. These are available from Amazon or from the bookstores that offer the service.

books as gift 01

For more effective and personal style, you can even write them something inside the book, which they will have to discover after the wedding day.

Still, you can arrange the presents in a style that matches your wedding theme colors. Love novels are another idea to surprise your bridesmaid.



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