For sure you know that a wedding is all about etiquette. There is a lot of pressure on the guests to buy the right gifts and in some cases they tend to overspend. There are some tips you could follow to make sure that you won’t spend more than you can afford.

Wedding Gifts

1. Set a budget

Although you might know approximately how much you can spend, it is important to set a limit that you cannot cross when it comes to the price of the gift.

2. Get creative

The best thing about the gifts that you create on your own is that they are personalized and you don’t have to spend too much on them. For instance you can create a scrapbook of the wedding.

3. Group gift

If there is something on the registry that you can’t afford on your own, you should find other guests that are willing to give money to buy the given gift.

4. Go off the registry

If there are only expensive things left on the registry, you should think about gifts that you believe the couple would appreciate. Think about what you would like to get for your wedding.

5. Cash

If you think that there is nothing you can buy for the couple that they would like, it is alright to offer cash. This way they will be able to use the money for whatever they need.

6. Gift card

Similarly to cash, you can also offer this as a wedding gift. For instance you could get a gift card at a home depot.

7. Time frame

Although it is considered to be rude not to offer a gift at the wedding, if you just can’t afford it at the time, it might be okay to give the gift after the wedding.

8. Multiple gifts

If there is a hen party, a shower and then the wedding and you are invited to all of them, you are supposed to give a gift at each occasion. To make sure that you don’t overspend, you should get smaller gifts.

9. Wrapping

Sometimes it is all about the wrapping. Even if you don’t get a very expensive gift, if it is professionally wrapped, it will look more expensive.

10. Sending the gift

If you can afford only a small gift and you don’t want to be embarrassed, you should send it directly to the home of the couple. This is an especially good idea if the couple is planning to go to their honeymoon right after the reception.



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