Flowers are the first thing which the guests will see when they enter into the wedding venue.

Selecting wedding flowers is one of the most important decisions in arranging your wedding decoration. Usually brides put more emphasis on the style, look and feel of the floral wedding theme.

There are different types of wedding flowers and you need to select according to your marriage location such as for the couple, church and for the bridal party and also to decorate your reception location.

For this reason, selecting the perfect wedding flowers is very important for that special occasion.

You need to plan in advance otherwise it can take large part of your wedding budget. These are the most important elements of your wedding day.

Tips to consider while arranging the wedding flowers:

  • Select the followers in contrast or in matching shades as these are breathtaking. Ensure that the wedding flowers which you select must reflect the overall wedding theme.
  • Flowers that reflect with wedding theme and style will add color, beauty, elegance and fragrance to your wedding ceremony.
  • While choosing the flowers for arrangements, check out the different types.
    1. Calla Lilys are large white or yellow tropical flowers which bloom during the summer and spring months and mean glorious beauty.
    2. Also, delphinium flowers are in blossom throughout the summer months and they come in blue and white shades and these are the most popular wedding flowers. These flowers are meant for lightness and swiftness.
    3. Lilies are the symbols of traditional wedding ceremony and are the most common flower choices to look at. Usually they are in white color and bell-shaped. They are used with other wedding flowers arrangements. These are the symbols of happiness. These wedding flowers are perfect for any type of wedding.
    4. Carnations are also one of the most popular choices for wedding. They come in either full-size or miniature blooms. You will find them in pink, white and red colors. These wedding flowers are meant for devotion and love, which are perfect for a wedding ceremony.
    5. While selecting the wedding flowers, once think about the fillers for bouquets. The most popular filler is ivy. You will find them year-round. These flowers are meant for friendship, fidelity and marriage. Including these flowers in your wedding decoration is a good start.
    6. Roses and stephanotis are the more traditional ones to consider. Roses are being in use with full blooms and you will find them in variety of colors. These are the symbols of beauty, love and joy. Stephanotises come in trumpet-shaped and are usually available in pink and white colors. They are meant for marital happiness.
    7. Tulips are best for a spring wedding. These are the best way to express your love. Not only they are beautiful, but also they are the symbols of undying love.
    8. Daisies are the favorite flowers for most of the people. These flowers are meant for innocent spirit and romance. Most of the brides don’t prefer to use these flowers in their wedding decoration. I think they know their significance!
    9. Ranuculus are the beautiful spring flowers. It looks terrific if included with other flowers. But these flowers are prone to drooping when used in hot weather.

There are many more wedding flowers to consider for your special occasion. First select the right wedding theme, select the colors and then start deciding what wedding flowers are right for your special day. Best wishes!



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