A lot of people think that it isn’t suitable to be looking for wedding flower ideas in case they are aren’t thinking only about the bouquets. We must keep in mind that in our days it is very popular to have centerpieces and other kinds of decorations made of flowers.

1. Snowball as one of the wedding flowers ideas

Naturally we aren’t referring to a real snowball, but a centerpiece in the shape of a snowball. It is easy to create it using peonies and garden roses. In order to make the table look more romantic, you could also add to the ideas regarding wedding flowers votive candles.

Wedding Flowers Ideas2. Have a bouquet

There are a lot of different kinds of flowers that you could be using for a bouquet, and one of the ideas regarding wedding flowers that you might like is to have cabbage rosettes, green millet and white ranunculus along with green cymbidium orchids and grasses. This is a composition that would work out for just any season.

3. Long floral arrangement

If you have to be dealing with long tables, you may be looking for some ideas regarding wedding flowers that are suitable in such situations. You could be looking for carnations, chrysanthemums and wax flowers. They look very nice and they aren’t very expensive either.

4. Doing something spectacular

In case you want to make sure that the guests will never forget the centerpieces, you should be looking for wedding flowers ideas accordingly. You could create a centerpiece ofTibetroses, lisianthus, thistle, scented geraniums, passion fruit vine, dahlias, freesia, lysimachia, and bush ivy. This is the way to go if you would like to achieve a modern look.

5. Go seasonal

There are some ideas regarding wedding flowers that have been especially created for a given season. In case you are preparing for a winter wedding, you should be considering having centerpieces made of a modern glass container filled with cedar, white amaryllis, roses, eucalyptus and white ornament balls.

6. The vibe of the garden

You might want your bouquet to have a natural look, and if this is what you have in your mind when it comes to wedding flowers ideas, you should consider hydrangea, rosebuds, and spray roses. As the finishing touch you could add a sparkly brooch.

7. Towering centerpiece

You could find ideas regarding wedding flowers that would make a centerpiece that would stand like a tower on the tables. In case this is something that you would like at your own wedding, then you should opt for a dome made of white carnations. The centerpiece also requires a crystal necklace trim.

8. Aisle markers

These are also an important part of the wedding decorations, and this is why you also have to make sure to think about them when considering wedding flower ideas. For these you could be using ivory polo roses, white peonies, dendrobium orchids, and ivory iceberg roses. Have all them tied together with white ribbon and secure them to the chairs that mark the aisle.



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