Because it is such a special occasion and on which everyone wants to share their joy and happiness, it is crucial to make it big hit.

Music, flowers, cakes, dress, menu and simple decisions like choosing candles can be really overwhelming.

Whether your wedding is at night or during the day, wedding candles are essential. Don’t forget to allot time for this simple gesture. Here are a few useful suggestions to choose candles for your wedding:

Go with wedding color

After you decide your wedding color, pick candles with a similar color to your wedding theme. If you don’t find the right color, choose the same colors that you’re using for your flowers or wedding dress.

Prefer scented candles

Scented candles enhance any special occasions, especially for weddings and Christmas parties. If you decide to choose scented candles for your wedding, make sure that the scent matches the mood.

Add personalization

Candles can also be personalized according to your taste and desire. If you choose unity candles, you’ll be provided with certain inscriptions, on which you can inscribe the bride and groom’s name.

Don’t leave your wedding lacking by excluding candles from the decor.



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