The wedding dress is the apple of all eyes and it is complete only when the bride is holding the perfect bouquet. This year bouquets show a variety of trends with the vintage style leading the blooms.

There are different styles of bouquet to pick from and then personalize with ribbons tied in various artistic ways. It could be a simple wrap or a complicated two ribbon design.

Wedding Bouquet Trends

With romance and vintage being the flavors of the season, bouquets too are following the trend. Mildly cascading bouquets, layered with textures and soft colors with vibrant touches are the thing.

For the vintage touch, nostalgic brides could use fabric strips from their mother’s or even grandmother’s wedding gown to wrap the bouquet stems.

These strips can be held together with the help of vintage brooches that could be family heirlooms. It makes the bouquet very special and personalized.

Colorful flowers could be added to give that extra zing. Popular choices being coral ranunculus, godetia, peach roses, Clementine’s and maybe lavender and mint for their heady aroma.

Wedding Bouquet Trends

Ribbons are being tied in different fashions to give the bouquet a personal touch. The ribbon ends can be tied into small or flamboyant bows. You can also leave the ribbon ends trailing after a simple knot to hold the bouquet together.

Two ribbons, one wide and the other narrow can be used to give a layered look to the wrap. The broad ribbon is wrapped first and then the narrow one on top of it to give a great finish.

You can also simply pin the ribbon to the wedding bouquet handle with pearl or other fancy head pins. Or like the picture above use a beautiful button to keep the ends in place.

You can also opt for a handkerchief with the wedding date or even the names of the couple embroidered on it, or simply go natural with natural vines wrapped around it.

The color of the ribbon would depend on the colors in the bouquet, or you could match it to the theme of the wedding, the bride’s gown or even the bridesmaids’ dresses.



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