One of the most important parts of a wedding decoration is wedding flowers. Flowers can make any wedding look absolutely fantastic and alive with life. Without the selection of good flowers, your wedding may lack on an important aspect.

But one thing that you need to consider before selecting flowers for your wedding is the cost. Fresh flowers can prove to be very expensive, especially if they have to be used for decoration. Thus it is important to be smart to save on them. The following are some of the best ways to save on your wedding flowers:

ways to save on your wedding flowersStay Local and Seasonal

One of the most effective ways to save on the cost of flowers for your wedding is to stay local and seasonal. If you buy flowers locally then the total cost would be considerably low. Similarly, if you buy flowers which are currently growing naturally, then you will be able to save on the cost. You can also choose those flowers which grow year round such as orchids, roses and calla lilies.

Choose Bigger Blooms

Another smart way to save on your wedding flowers is to choose big blooms. These flowers tend to make a better and bigger statement and catch attention really well. They may be expensive than other flowers, but you would need less of them, hence reducing the overall cost.

Stick to Just One or Two Kinds

Sometimes when you club together many different types or kinds of wedding flowers, then the overall cost can go up. This also makes your flower arrangement look messy. To avoid this, you can select either just one type or maximum two types of flowers. This helps because when you florist buys flowers in bulk, the price comes out to be low.

Go Green

Besides using flowers, you can also incorporate a lot of leaves and other greens to your flower arrangement or decoration. This will reduce the need for more flowers and would help you save a lot. You can go for woodland like ferns, leady garlands and other greens for this purpose.

Replace Flowers with other Decoratives Wherever Possible

If possible, chuck out flowers from a few decorative locations in the wedding hall and use a cheaper alternative instead. You can use hired decorative statues and other such items to avoid spending a lot on the cost of the wedding flowers.


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