When it comes to preparing for your wedding reception design, many factors are important in pulling off an elegant, classy, and stylish design that blends together harmoniously.

Some of the elements that need to be considered are the color, ambiance, lighting, theme, and texture. Choosing the right wedding centerpieces can hold all these elements together, hence it’s important to choose the right one.

Of course, you would also want your wedding centerpieces to be unique and be a conversation piece. Think of something simple, personal, and reflective of your own personality.

If you are still unsure about the colors to choose for your wedding centerpieces, you can consult the color wheel which is easy to understand and straightforward with which colors make for great contrasts or complementary tones.

Coming up with unique wedding centerpieces that blend well with your wedding doesn’t have to be a complicated task, here are some ideas:

  • A great idea for very pretty wedding centerpieces is bowls of floating candles and flowers. Making them yourself is easy to do, and if you are on a budget this is another good idea. You can choose flowers and candles that will match your theme, whether you want it to match your dominant colors or be bright, contrasting, yet elegant pieces. The bowls can be big or small, depending on the size of your table or the impact you want it to create.
  • For summer and spring weddings, simple pots of flowers make ideal wedding centerpieces. Whether your wedding is indoor or outdoor, fresh flowers are reminiscent of the beautiful weather at hand and bring about a lovely, elegant atmosphere. Various flower varieties can also speak volumes about the design; bright wildflowers are suitable for outdoor, more casual weddings; while lilacs, tulips, and roses set the tone for more elegant and formal settings.
  • For a beachside wedding, shells and sand in your wedding centerpieces is a fun and creative way to add some nature and outdoors into your reception. A glass bowl with some sand, colorful shells, and little lights or candles will do the trick.
  • Greens and cactus make for one of kind wedding centerpieces. There are many lovely varieties of cactus and foliage that make excellent designs, and would also compliment a wedding done in the outdoors during the summer. You can combine these in a lovely ceramic plate or vase.
  • Nothing speaks of elegance and class more than an understated yet beautiful solitary flower in a glass vase as wedding centerpieces. It may seem like a very simple idea, but the beauty is in its simplicity and the solitary flower. Choose a tall glass vase with a long-stemmed flower for added character, as well as a string of some pretty lace or ribbon. If you want something even more exceptional, use wine bottles instead of a glass vase.
  • Hanging lanterns are stylish and functional wedding centerpieces. With the many textures and varieties of material to choose from, the lanterns, hung low on the table, will surely add character into your wedding design.


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