Let’s face it, in wedding ceremonies and receptions, the first thing your guests notice is the wedding decorations. You’re wedding decor should have a theme and blends with the motif. It can be simple and light or go for the elaborate and luxurious decorations. Whatever your decor may be, make sure that it brings pleasant and subtle feeling of the love and romance of the couple.

wedding decorHowever, the wedding decor alone can’t make the venue and reception special. You need to come up with special arrangements or settings to make them stand out. Here are some tips to help you out in setting your wedding decor:


Proper illumination sets a good mood on every setting. For example, if you choose to put candles or small lamps as a wedding decor, make sure that they are properly illuminated. Have them set to a mild burning fire. Candle and lamp decorations are most popular on beach wedding and are normally lighted when the sun sets.


Silhouettes of your wedding decor such as trees outside or pillars of the church can bring out romantic and soft feeling during the ceremony or the reception. In order to provide excellent silhouettes, proper light setting is needed.


The theme is where your wedding décor relies. For you to be able to decide and purchase on what décor to use, you must first decide on what theme your wedding will have. One’s this is settled, there is easier work in finding stores that sells your needs.


Your wedding motif decides what will be the color of your wedding decor. It may not be the same exact color but something that can complement the recurring color of the place.

Ribbons and veils

Common wedding decor consists of ribbons and veils. They are popular since they provide a nice soft glow to the surroundings. Flowing veils and complimentary ribbons make a good combination. This combination is normally set to adjoin two separate columns or chairs.


Flowers always gives the most feminine and soft glow in choosing a wedding decor. It represents different colors other than white. White flowers and orchids present purity of body and soul. A combination of white flowers to any other color softens the blending, making it pleasing to the eyes.

A wedding decor need not be expensive. Your creativity and unique ideas can very well make a whole lot of beautiful setting than those that are tailored made. One advantage of you choosing and assembling some of the important decorations brings a more personal touch to the occasion.

Decorating a wedding reception needs a lot of planning and time. For you to be able to accomplish everything, make sure you have your list of what you need, include also in the list all the possible alternatives on your choices. This will enable you to save time and energy going back and forth finding the right item. Make it enjoyable and fun too by asking your maid of honor and bridesmaids to come with you.



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