wedding bouquetPlanning a wedding is hard; planning wedding bouquets is even harder.

The bride has to consider not only the duration of flowers throughout the entire reception, but also colors and admirable combinations important for remarkable memories.

Here are the top 5 wedding bouquet ideas for a perfect wedding:

As a first idea, a spring reception with pink and orange theme or a fall reception with brown and golden theme can be used to decorate the flowers and the bouquet. So, a classical bride bouquet that is suitable to the wedding reception atmosphere is at number 5.

For the brides who want to be attractive and try something different, the odd combinations can be admirable when two or more unexpected colors come together.

Blue and yellow, pink and green combinations can be unexpected – but give the bride a catching look. The odd color combinations are at number 4.

The number 3 includes flowers that are rarely thought as a bride’s bouquet. Sunflowers, blue roses, black roses, untraditional and unexpected flower types are warmly welcomed. In contrast to the white wedding dress, these flowers will look as charming as the bride.

An odder look to a bouquet is that the bride carries something ‘green’. Irish bells, ferns and even bamboos are number 2 of the top 5 special bouquets list.

To stand the entire reception, the bouquet also can be made from untraditional, funny and unexpected materials. The number 1 includes bouquets that are made from colorful buttons, sea shells, etc.

No matter which one to choose, the various kinds of bouquets are fun and help to spread rumors about how different and colorful the bride’s bouquet was.



  1. Thanks for always putting out so many wonderful ideas that we all can get inspiration from.All these are the best bridal bouquet ideas for the perfect wedding.


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