A bridal bouquet is one of the most important part for the bride’s costume and it is a lot more than just an accessory for the bride. It has held a lot of importance in the wedding traditions where it was considered as a symbol of the bride’s purity and freshness. There is also another tradition where the bride waves the bouquet at her single friends and the one who grabs it is considered to get married the next.

Hence, there is no doubt that bridal bouquets has great importance in a wedding and thus several important tips need to be followed in order to get the perfect bridal bouquet as weddings only happen once in a life time. Below given are some tips for selecting a perfect bridal bouquet:

tips to select a perfect bridal bouquet

Do not choose the bouquet before you choose the dress. Choose the color of flowers according to the color of your wedding outfit. Be sure to carry a photograph of your dress whenever you go to the florist and select the flowers according to the design and embroidery of your dress.

Choose Fresh Flowers

Whenever you choose the flowers for your bridal bouquet, make sure you choose the fresh ones with a lovely fragrance and not the ones which are dull or withered away.


Make sure that the colors of the flowers in your flower bouquet coordinate with your outfit. If you have a light colored outfit, choose darker flowers and if your outfit is dark, choose the light ones. Do not include a lot of colors in your flowers. Let it be a combination of two colored or single colored flowers as this looks classier and more elegant than multicolored ones.

Customize your Bouquet

You are going to get to carry a bridal bouquet for a very special occasion of your life and thus it should be personalized according to what you like. If you like bold colors include deep and dark colored flowers in the bouquet and if you like it simple, you can choose simple flowers like carnations.

Consider the Shape and Size

The bridal bouquet should go well with the dress. Many brides like large and trailing bouquets but if your dress is filled with embroidery, it is not a good idea to choose a large bouquet as it will hide the design. Choose a large and trailing bouquet if the dress is simple.


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